The 20 years of apprenticeship at the ENSAIT are postponed

In the context of the spread of COVID-19 and the restrictions adopted by the government, we made the decision to postpone the 20-year apprenticeship event, originally scheduled for June 11, 2020.
Our priority today is to take no risks with everyone’s health.
The conditions are therefore not in place for this event to live up to everyone’s expectations.
Furthermore, we thank you for the interest you have aroused in the 20th anniversary of our apprenticeship training.
You will be kept informed, in due course, of the new date of the event, the updated program and the opening of registrations.
We hope to see you at this next event!

Next year, the ENSAIT apprenticeship teams will organize an event to celebrate 20 (+1) years of apprenticeship as a path to excellence. On the programme: conferences, visits to the school and the research laboratory, job-datings and workshops on the theme of apprenticeship!

Responding to business demand

Since its creation in 2000, apprenticeship at ENSAIT has already graduated 320 engineers in our more than 58 partner companies. The School has responded to the demand from companies seeking to train textile engineers who are immediately operational at the end of their course. This day, devoted more broadly to the benefits of apprenticeship, will be an opportunity for professionals to exchange with the major players in apprenticeship in the North of France and to apprehend the evolution of this path of excellence. For students, it is time to get an apprenticeship contract during job-dating! 


Apprenticeship at ENSAIT

Apprenticeship training takes place over 3 years, alternating between theory at school and practice in the workplace. This training is designed to train engineers capable of innovating, designing, manufacturing and promoting the development of new materials, new technologies and new processes. ENSAIT engineers meet the requirements of the sector while respecting the company’s values and environmental standards. They are capable of managing organisational, economic, human and technical aspects of a project. They know how to choose, buy and supply in compliance with quality standards.