Why choose ENSAIT ?

We offer excellence! 


When you pay your apprenticeship tax to us, you are promoting a high level of training and the development of quality education compatible with your company’s needs. Thank you for your contributions. Kind regards,

Jacques Hervé Lévy, Executive Director of ENSAIT  






THANKS TO YOU - ENSAIT nurtures textile excellence of today and tomorrow 

ENSAIT trains 70% of textile engineers 


The Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles (ENSAIT) is a school of excellence and is the leading textile training programme in Europe. Its graduates have managerial responsibilities in the luxury, fashion, clothing, distribution, transport, health and sport sectors.

LIKE YOU - ENSAIT develops knowledge of international markets

100% students have an experience abroad 


By paying your apprenticeship tax to ENSAIT, you benefit from the economic, linguistic and cultural education of our young talent. Your company benefits from their market knowledge, international networks and their openness to the world.

WITH YOU - ENSAIT invests in technologies of the future  

130 years of textile excellence 


Each year, the graduate school allocates 200,000 euros to purchasing equipment and technologically advanced platforms. When you entrust your apprenticeship tax to us, you benefit from investment


and ENSAIT’s long-term vision.

FOR YOU - We train talented students






The leading textile training programme in Europe  


ENSAIT contributes its expertise to the economic world: each year, its students complete 1,800 hours of internships and 2,200 hours of on-the-job apprenticeships.




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