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ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2011 

Traditional education 

Ballistics Engineer

Renault Trucks Defense 



Coralie GILLOT

ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2009   Traditional education 

Purchaser- Hermès Cellier



Valentin MORLET

ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2011 

Traditional education 

Quality Manager - Givenchy 



"I joined ENSAIT’s traditional education course after completing the PSI preparatory course in Toulouse. My semester abroad in Croatia, my internships in Holland and my final year project have provided me with an excellent experience in the field of composites. I am currently working at Renault Trucks Defense developing ballistic protection. Renault Trucks Defense manufactures tactical and logistical wheeled vehicles. A number of these are armoured vehicles to protect its occupants from various threats in theatres of operation. As a Ballistics Engineer, my role is to specify, develop, modify and incorporate the necessary protection for various vehicles, according to client requirements. This protection is made from different materials (steel or aluminium, ceramics and aramid or glass textiles fibres), each having their own advantages. Therefore, I am required to specify suitable material which will ensure the survivability of the occupants."

"I joined ENSAIT in 2006 after completing a preparatory course at Lycée Baggio in Lille. After graduating at ENSAIT in 2009, I undertook an apprenticeship training programme. My 3 years at the Mousse du Nord Company making sofas, my 2 months spent in England and my final year project (focusing on the quality improvement of sofas and the implementation of a quality service), have all enabled me to acquire the necessary expertise to obtain my current position.

I develop new materials for Hermes Cellier. I am responsible for the purchasing of valuable animal skins, metal parts, textiles, silks, packaging… of the highest quality and best prices. I manage procurement planning, stocks and customs declarations."







"I joined ENSAIT as I was attracted by the many job prospects in textiles, ranging from clothing to more technical sectors. I completed my first internship at IFTH (French Textile and Clothing Institute) and my final year project at Louis Vuitton. I currently work in off-the-peg clothing quality department at Givenchy in Paris.“ 





ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2011 

Traditional education  

R&D Engineer - Watever     




ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2010

Traditional education 

R&D Engineer / Searcher - Devan Chemical 



Noureddine AZAHAF

ENSAIT engineering student, class of 2005

Apprenticeship training

Business Unit Manager  - Oxylane Chine




ENSAIT engineering student, graduated in 2011. As a sailing enthusiastic from a very young age, I chose to study at this graduate textile school to be trained in methods of shipbuilding, because, today, material fibres are present in all boat parts (sails, rigging, hull and mast using composites). Therefore, at the end of my studies, I began a research project in Bangladesh for the WATEVER Association studying jute fibre, to re-energise the failing jute industry by designing a new base reinforcement material for this natural fibre, with an aim to construct boats from jute-based composite materials and resin, for Bengali fishermen. 
Today, the project has taken off with the establishment of the Gold of Bengal Association and a team of 6, recently qualified engineers and graduates from business schools. Our jute textile business manufacturing process is currently being introduced using machines modified by ourselves. I am now in the process of creating my own business, manufacturing objects made from composite materials, with an aim to manufacture boats in the future. 

"DUT graduate in the chemistry option, material sciences, obtained at the Béthune IUT (Institute of Technology). I joined ENSAIT’s traditional education course in 2007. ENSAIT enabled me to spend a semester in Mexico at The University of Puebla. I spent my final year project focusing on the development of microcapsules while working at laboratory level in industry. I completed this in cooperation with Damart and Devan Chemicals. This is how I gained a job at Devan Chemicals. Currently, I am responsible for R&D engineering assignments. I spend half of my working week focusing on European projects: textile chemistry subject areas. My work entails developing products and formulations with the assistance of partners. These projects may last between 2 and 3 years. I spend the remainder of my time developing anti-stain products and launch these with the assistance of our sales and marketing department. Then, I adjust the formulations according to the textiles which require treatment and discuss price, quality, tests, and marketing with clients. 


I love working in this field, it screams innovation!" 

 “I obtained my engineering diploma at ENSAIT through the apprenticeship training programme. This training programme (a wealth of experiences) enabled me to join the Oxylane Group during my first year at ENSAIT. Today, based in Shenzhen (China) working as Business Unit Manager for the group, I manage teams in a variety of sectors: R&D, sourcing, production, purchasing, supply chain." 




















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