ENSAIT’s Engineering Diploma


Professions within industry

ENSAIT’s job prospects are recognised by many sectors and associated professions. ENSAIT’s Observatory for Engineering Professions has enabled the five main lines of business and many jobs to be brought to the fore.


30% of our engineers become Research and Development Engineers and 35% take up positions as Quality Engineers.
However, the last few years have seen growth in commerce/marketing sectors. Indeed, many companies seek both scientific and technical expertise from our textile engineers for these positions: quality assignments for sourcer or purchaser positions are therefore paramount.


Salaries for recent graduates vary between 32 and 34K (annual gross salary). They vary depending on role, business type and geographical location.


15% of our engineers choose to work abroad.

35% work in the Ile-de-France region, 26% work elsewhere in France.

Over half of them work in large organisations (more than 2,000 employees), a quarter work in small organisations (less than 50 employees). 


Leading ENSAIT employer in 2012 : Louis Vuitton.

Other companies who recruit our engineers include: Airbus, EADS, Lacoste, Okaïdi, La Redoute, Chantelle, Givenchy, Hexcel, Dickson, Deschamps, Eurodisney, Eurocopter, Happy Chic, Camaieu, Intermarché, Paul Boyé Technologies, Agnes B, Safran, St Gobain, Bouygues Construction, Leroy Merlin, Tib tech Innovation, Lacoste, Decathlon, Chanel, L’Oréal, Lectra, BASF, Bridgestone, Oxbow, Louis Vuitton, Alstom, Bombardier, Damart, Faurecia, Elis, Petit Bateau, Sergent Major, Blanche Porte, Unilever, Michelin. 


3 paths to the Engineering Diploma at ENSAIT


The Engineering Diploma at ENSAIT can be obtained through 3 different options: 

- Traditional education - find out more

- Apprenticeship  - find out more

- APEL (Accreditation of Prior and Experiential Learning) -- find out more


Further information can be found in the Student Guide: lien sur le guide des études


Entrance exam

For first year entry at ENSAIT, students must have obtained the baccalaureate and have reached a second year university level in science or technology or the baccalaureate and a fourth year university level for entry to the second year.  

The following students can enrol for the entrance exam at ENSAIT:  

- CPGE (preparatory classes for the Grandes Écoles) students with specialisms in MP, PC, PSI, ATS, PT, TSI 

- Students with a Sciences and Technology degree with various modules 

- Holders of the DUT (University Technology Diploma) with specialisms in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, GEII, GIM, GMP, MP, QLIO, SGM  


ENSAIT entrance exam link 


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