Vocational training programme



  • To develop the expertise of your colleagues 
  • To develop your company’s human resources



Training provision :


ENSAIT’s vocational training service offers training days which focus on a number of subject areas. 

Find out the full range.  


Terms and Conditions :


The sessions are geared for between 1 and 9 people, for 1 to 3 days, depending on your chosen subject area and your requirements. The programme may be adapted and individualised to fully meet your requirements. 

A "Bilateral Vocational Training Agreement’ will be implemented between ENSAIT and your business. 


Training programme costs

When your request has been submitted, we will provide you with a personalised quotation.  


Financial support

The financing of training programmes may be funded through:

FORTHAC, the French Company Training Plan or FONGECIF.



At the close of the session, a certificate certifying the completion of training will be awarded. 



For any queries related to vocational training contact: 
ftlv@ensait.fr - 03 20 25 89 84  



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