Study abroad as part of the engineering training programme

A semester abroad


100% of our students study abroad for a minimum of one semester through an academic exchange. ENSAIT’s partners are located throughout the world.




Hear from a former student  




     Aude Favier, Engineer, Class of 2017     



 "BUDAPEST : enjoy your semester !.

This is what you can gain from the experience of a semester abroad. It may seem daunting at first: being far away from home, in a country where you cannot speak the language. But, ultimately, once you are there, you will not want to leave. You learn a lot, not only through the university’s specialist subjects, which are complementary to our training at ENSAIT, but also through learning to work with students from all backgrounds and cultures. In a nutshell, a semester abroad is a great opportunity offered by ENSAIT!"


Study a double diploma


The double diploma is studied after the second year at ENSAIT and allows you, after two years in a partner university abroad, to obtain the ENSAIT diploma as well as the diploma of the university partner. In other words, 4 years of study (instead of 3) are required to obtain two diplomas.  


11 double diplomas are offered in the following countries:  China (Soochow University and Donghua University), Spain (University of Catalonia), Italy (Polytechnic University of Turin), Morocco (ESITH), Mexico, Portugal (Do Mino University), Russia (Saint Petersburg University), Tunisia (Monastir Textile School) and Japan (Shinshu University).


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