GEMTEX, ENSAIT’s Research Laboratory

ENSAIT’s Research Laboratory 

GEnie des Matériaux TEXtile 




The GEMTEX Laboratory is visible and recognised on both a national and international level, as is indicated by the evaluations featured throughout this document as well as its involvement in competitive cluster projects and the FP7. Academic textile research began in a structured way at ENSAIT in Roubaix in 1992, with the establishment of the scientific laboratory, GEMTEX. Initially, the laboratory was organised into two research groups: Textile Chemistry and Textile Automation. In the first instance, research was rather academic with little collaboration with industry. Since 2000, GEMTEX has redirected its work towards industrial applications, whist maintaining its academic research (transport, aeronautics...). Industrial collaborations have continued to grow since 2008, with the creation of the EUGENIE Technology Transfer Unit and a unit to support and develop collaborative projects. ENSAIT’s department responsible for research transfer, SAIC, created in 2009, has also contributed greatly to the structuring of GEMTEX’s budget as well as to its allowances. GEMTEX is also actively involved in the activities of scientific networks on an international scale, such as AUTEX and The Fiber Society.  

GEMTEX’s research workforce represents approximately 1% of the FTE of public operator researchers, at a regional level, which is on a lesser scale than that of universities (73%) and CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) (12.5%), but its specialism in textiles makes GEMTEX highly visible on both a national and international level. 

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