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The Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Textiles, ENSAIT, is a textile engineering institute located in the North of France near Lille (http://en.ensait.fr/). It is one of the leading institutes in its field and trains 50% of the French textile engineers. Each year, 130 students graduate from ENSAIT with a Master’s degree (postgraduate level), through two curricula: full-time or by apprenticeship.

ENSAIT engineers are specialized in fibres and textiles, with a wide-range scientific background and an international outlook. They work in all industries that use textile materials: aeronautics, automotive, medical, sports, building, retail, fashion, luxury … They hold positions in research and development, trade, quality, sourcing, supply chain or in production.

The successful candidate will work within the educational team in charge of Mechanics and Composites, and will be particularly involved in courses related to the development of textile reinforcements and mechanics of composite materials. The proposal of courses in English language for our International Semester Programme will be welcome.

Part of the teaching assignments will be dedicated to the supervision of students and apprentices in their projects and industrial internships.
An investment in international tutorship is expected: definition of learning agreements and tutoring of incoming and outgoing students.  

Finally, the successful candidate is expected to collaborate and contribute to the educational reform in which our institute is engaged. The aim of this reform is to prepare the future 2020 ENSAIT engineer, with two main issues that are particularly addressed: the adequacy of the curriculum with the industrial requirements, and pedagogy and teaching innovations.  

Location: ENSAIT Roubaix
Director of Studies: Maryline LEWANDOWSKI
Email: maryline.lewandowski@ensait.fr
URL : www.ensait.fr



The research activities will be conducted within the GEMTEX, the research laboratory attached to ENSAIT. GEMTEX’s activities are organized around three autonomous research groups dedicated to applied research for Textiles that are focused on the following themes:
- Human Centred Design (HCD),
- Multifunctional Textiles and Processes (MTP),
- Mechanics - Textiles Composites (MTC)

The profile concerns the mechanical behavior of fibers reinforcement for composite material. The hired person will perform his/her research within Mechanical Textile Composite group of the Gemtex laboratory. The researcher will reinforce the axis of research dedicated  to mechanical properties of  fibrous material and textile reinforcement for composite material within the contexts of reinforcements designing/manufacturing, experimental characterization, numerical techniques, and fabrication processes of composite materials. These research topics will be developed within industrial, national and international contexts. He/She will justify of a strong background in fibrous materials (from manufacturing to characterization).

In addition to contributing to high quality research, the successful candidate will be expected to engage in the institution’s collaboration with other universities/institutes and industry. He or she will also be expected to contribute to both the national and international visibility and reputation of the laboratory through the development of collaborative research projects

Keywords : Textile Materials, mechanical characterization, composite structures, experimental techniques

Location : GEMTEX - EA n°2461 - GEnie des Matériaux TEXtiles (GEMTEX)
GEMTEX Director: Ludovic KOEHL    
Tel: +33 (0)3 20 25 89 81
Email: ludovic.koehl@ensait.fr
Head of MTC group: Damien SOULAT    
Email: damien.soulat@ensait.fr
URL laboratoire : www.gemtex.fr

Knowledge/ Experience/ Skills

We are particularly looking for applicants with a strong capacity for initiatives, managerial skills in writing and directing collaborative research programs (national and international), and abilities to develop industrial cooperation in their field of research.

Experience in publishing papers in international research journals will be a strong asset, as well as the abilities required to successfully perform the administrative and pedagogical tasks of a professor.

Candidates are expected to have an academic record at an international level in the area of textile reinforcement for composite material.

Applications must be supported with documentation of these skills and merits.


Director of Studies: Maryline Lewandowski, maryline.lewandowski@ensait.fr
Director of Research Laboratory: Ludovic Koehl, ludovic.koehl@ensait.fr
Head of MTC Research group: Damien SOULAT, damien.soulat@ensait.fr
Human Resources Director: Maxime Delrue, maxime.delrue@ensait.fr

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