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An international class

It had been six months since the corridors of Ensait had not received students. Despite the delicate context and after a period of confinement, it was with great joy that the Ensait teams were able to meet the brand new class of textile engineers. Well accompanied by their second-year elders, the new students familiarised themselves with the premises, textiles and life in Roubaix. Masks, distance and traffic plan… it is, without a doubt, a new school year that our students will not forget!

Students are present and masked

This year, 120 students have joined the Ensait 2020-2023 class. The new academic year is composed by  : 

0 %
Preparatory class students
apprenticeship students
0 %
of female engineering students

An exceptional mentor!

The 2020-2023 class will be sponsored by Laurent Madeleine, Executive Vice President Operations of Lacoste in Hong Kong.

Our new sponsor has an impressive CV: this business and management school graduate has worked for more than 17 years for the Carrefour group, as well as 9 years for the retail group TESCO. His various positions have led him to work in France and abroad. Laurent Madelaine joins Lacoste in 2017 and will head the Asia & America Operations from Hong Kong. He will become Executive Vice President Operations and a member of the Group Executive Committee in 2019.

Welcoming apprentices and engineering graduates from Ensait every year, Lacoste has always forged strong links, both operational and research, with our School.

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