the doctoral thesis

Accompaniment of thesis research project

Scientifically supervised by a member of the GEMTEX(ENSAIT laboratory) to carry out his research work, the doctoral student thus benefits from all the establishment’s state-of-the-art equipment.

He is an employee of the company and has a contract of employment. The work is monitored at regular intervals and jointly by the Thesis Director and the Industrial Manager.

Public funding is available to support companies in their recruitment of PhD students. Part of the salary and expenses are paid according to the remuneration.

Among these measures are the CIFREs. They bring together a company, a young graduate with a master’s degree and a research laboratory around a research project as part of a doctorate. The company receives an annual lump-sum grant of 14,000 euros and pays the doctoral student a minimum gross annual salary of 23,484 euros (1957 euros/month).

A three-year employment contract, permanent or fixed-term contract, is concluded between the company and the doctoral student. To be eligible for a CIFRE, you must hold a master’s degree and be enrolled in a doctoral program, without any nationality requirement. Students who wish to benefit from the CIFRE must apply to the ANRT during the year preceding registration in the first year of the doctoral programme.

The company may also benefit from GEMTEX support with the establishment of a research agreement between the company and the laboratory, which is complementary to the CIFRE scheme and eligible for the CIR.

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