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Throughout the school year, a dedicated department and some thirty school tutors ensure that these courses run smoothly. The internship department centralises documents, validates subjects and establishes agreements. The teachers follow the students during their internships by telephone, e-mail or visits to companies.

At the end of the placement, an assessment is drawn up with the company tutor who evaluates and validates the trainee’s skills via the “student engineer evaluation” form: know-how, interpersonal skills, ability to mobilise skills to achieve the objectives set, results obtained. The internship is also evaluated by a written report and an oral presentation. The validation of the internship through these three parts is essential for obtaining the ENSAIT diploma.

Internship technician - 1st year

Internship at the end of the first year duration 8 weeks minimum (12 weeks maximum) between the beginning of June and the end of August.

You will benefit from the skills of a student engineer, in the 1st year of training, introduced to the basic techniques of textiles, on a technician’s job. The missions entrusted to the trainee student can be technical, scientific or organisational.

During the internship period, the student engineer’s vocation is to actively participate in the actions of one of the company’s departments:

  • Style/creation: participation in the creation of a collection (patronage, collection follow-up, …), etc. ;
  • Research and development: carrying out tests, support for the implementation of test or formulation protocols, assistance in the development of technical data sheets, etc. ;
  • Production: sampling and monitoring of production in the workshop, work on the production line, etc. ;
  • Support functions: purchasing (sourcing), logistics
  • Quality control: laboratory tests and trials, incoming inspection, tissue inspection, colorimetry, creation of a tissue library / defect library, etc. 

The technician internship is intended to make the student take on responsibilities at the level of a supervisor or technician by integrating him/her into a team of technicians or by working under the direct responsibility of an engineer.

Internship assistant engineer - 2nd year

Internship at the end of the second year, duration 12 weeks (minimum) – 16 weeks (maximum) between the beginning of June and the end of September.

You benefit from the skills of a 2nd year engineering student, on technical or technico-economic projects, usually led by engineers. The student must be involved in the different phases of the project (analysis of the existing situation, implementation of actions, training, etc.) to enable him/her to deploy his/her knowledge and know-how/know-how in a professional environment.

Different themes can be addressed during the internship period :

  • Product development: specifications, research into raw materials, customer contact, etc.
  • Participation in the analysis of results, implementation of procedures
  • Optimisation of production, flows, organisation of posts (optimisation of warehouses, etc.)
  • Design office, CAD study
  • Optimization of formulations (chemistry, finishing), tests and textile processes (cutting, formulations, …)
  • Health and safety (Reach, CSR)
  • R&D Assistance
  • Setting up specifications and technical files
  • Purchasing assistant: sourcing, management, purchasing, …

Graduation projects - 3rd year

18 to 25 weeks full-time, from mid-February to the end of June or mid-September.

You benefit from the skills of a student engineer at the end of his studies in the realization of a project. The student calls on the services of people from outside the company. This project includes scientific, technological or technico-economic aspects and can enable you to judge the abilities of a (possible) future collaborator.

If you wish, the School will manage the confidentiality of the subjects within a contractual framework.

Your contacts

François Rault

Teacher Researcher In charge of internships and final year projects

Tel: +33 (0)3 20 25 64 97

Gilles Bardel

Internship Assistant and End of Study Projects

Tel: +33 (0)3 20 25 89 78

Sébastien Thomassey

In charge of graduation projects Fashion and Service Engineering Major

Tel: +33 (0)3 20 25 89 73

Lolita Spinnewyn

Internship Assistant 1st and 2nd year

Tel: +33 (0)3 20 25 89 32