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As soon as you join ENSAIT as part of an exchange semester, a double degree or a project in the research laboratory, you can automatically benefit from courses in French language and French culture! 

French Culture - What makes the French so French ?

The course aims to give some cultural keys concerning the culture (way of life, society, gastronomy, politics, religion…), main historical events, major artistic tendencies, thoughts, fundamental symbols (concrete or abstract) representing French memory. The goal is to give some keys to help the students understand the current French society and integrate better.

We will first start with stereotypes to then mainly focus on heritage, culture and some important dates and facts and see how they continue in many different ways influencing the contemporary reality. Students will have the opportunity to get out of the classroom with :

  • A visit of the Old Lille and its main historical places
  • An apprentice cook experience on French cuisine (no prerequisite skills needed)
  • The tasting of a French buffet cooked by the French students of ENSAIT
  • Cooking and tasting of an international buffet to discover flavors from all over the world, and share the tastes of your country
  • The discovery of the French culture while being accompanied by a member of the community ENSAIT

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