ENSAIT, textile engineering school

Since its creation in 1889, the School has become a figurehead of the textile heritage, accompanying its development year after year. L’ENSAIT is above all a school which has always been concerned to adapt its training to market demand. Textiles are more alive than ever, constantly changing, and appearing in innovative fields of activity.

The ENSAIT is a School open to the World, in constant evolution, it trains dynamic and versatile engineers, up to date with the most innovative techniques, familiar with cutting-edge sectors, capable of giving the best advice to the players in the textile industry. This adaptation to the evolution of the textile industry can be found through the different poles of the school.

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By joining ENSAIT, you give yourself every chance to join an innovative company in an engineering position.
You are entering a public school accredited by the CTI (Commission des titres d’Ingénieurs) and a member of the CGE (Conférence des Grandes Ecoles).
In addition to engineering training, ENSAIT offers two other courses of study: Mastère spécialisé® Management et Innovation dans la Mode in partnership with IAE Lille and  Institut Français de la Mode and Licence Professionnelle Textile Innovants  in partnership with IUT A de Lille. 
Finally, interculturality and openness to the international arena are ENSAIT’s strengths. At the time of graduation, each student has a long and significant international experience.

 Our training courses

Textile engineer

The engineering degree can be obtained by the classical route or by the apprenticeship route . The ENSAIT trains dynamic and versatile engineers, familiar with the most innovative techniques and capable of providing the best advice to the players in the textile industry.

Specialized Master® Management and Innovation in Fashion

In partnership with the IAE of Lille and the IFM, this Specialized Master ® offers a theoretical and practical training of excellence around Management in the fields of Textile, Fashion, Luxury and Design.

Professional degree
Innovative Textiles

Built in partnership with the IUT A of Lille,
the Licence Professionnelle Textile innovants (T-IN)
aims to train executives between the operator and the decision-maker with knowledge
of the textile product.

ENSAIT offers companies support for the development of their human resources and technological projects. The External Relations Department relies on the scientific, technical and material skills of the GEMTEX laboratory and on the teaching teams to provide you with various services:

  • Specific textile training courses allowing your employees to improve their skills.
  • The skills of our engineering students through internships, annual projects and end-of-study projects
  • Technical assistance for access to ENSAIT equipment and experts
  • Recognized expertise to support you in your Research Development Innovation projects
  • A partnership for the development of your collaborative research projects
GEMTEX, ENSAIT’s research laboratory, is the first university textile laboratory in Europe. Launched more than 25 years ago, it enjoys national and international renown. It brings together several skills: materials chemistry, mechanics, composites, sustainable development, advanced materials. 30 teacher-researchers, 6 technicians, 10 engineers and more than 50 PhD students work there. 

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