Psychologist availability from the start of the 2020 academic year at ENSAIT

Happsy Hours is a supportive environment to help students deal with any situations of discomfort they may experience as a student that could prevent them from progressing personally and academically. The aim is also to help them develop their potential for success!

To do this, a psychologist welcomes the students and takes stock of their situations. Together, they set objectives and he/she helps them to achieve them with different tools (listening, role-playing, role-playing, stress management, etc.). The student can come for any type of problem. For example: ill-being, stress, self-confidence, depression, orientation, sleep, addictions, etc. He/she adapts to each student’s situation and offers a personalised follow-up.

At ENSAIT, the office will be open every other Thursday from 2pm to 5pm with or without an appointment (depending on availability).

To make an appointment :

+33 (0)6 27 86 91 83 /en/rdv-hh/